With your Birthday, Much Luck & Happiness

First things first, It's KJP's Birthday! It's her last night at work, her last show in Three Oaks as a res tomorrow, and then, naught but a hop, skip, and a jump to old Prague town! I can't wait to see her. If you can, extend the warmest wishes to her, because she deserves the best B-day ever.

Now, onto the usual bizness...Check out Ray Caesar.

If you want to look at art, devote a few hours to this. I got lost in it, and have been happily stuck.

I can't wait for KJ. I think she would fit right in with this group. Lots of this work is well worth a lengthy look.

KJP and I share a mild obsession with celebrity and its vagaries. This guy does great portraits, but I really love the layout of his site. Enjoy.

This is kind of fun, playing with interaction.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

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