Eine kleinem Schnurbart

I'm frustrated, because I've been trying to get all of my musical gear connected to my computer. I did, however, get an invitation to join this amazing music service. It seemed un-spammy, so I checked it. It promised me to expose me to music similar to music I already enjoy. I'm usually an asshole to people that make lofty promises, and I'll tell them to find me music like Stringbean, or Ed Bell & his weird guitar. It was early, so I told them Tom Waits. I've been listening to it for hours, and they are awesomely on point. Best part? Thay give you an in-depth reasoning for why they think each song is similar to Tom Waits.

So, yeah, instead of getting a personal ad, or hanging out at bars, I think I'm going to put my trust in the shirt.

I'll admit it; I love CFCII. It's only because of Fat Boy Phil. I think he's Jesus.18-BAM&PHIL MARGERA 03.JPG

Goddamn! Pandora was doing so well with Waits (Leo Sayer? Who Knew?), that I threw Fantomas at them. I've been writing down the names of all the bands, because I'm going to buy them!

I think I'll see what sounds like Sparks next, as I've long thought the Hitler Moustache has been underused in rock.

I found this on a German site. Warn A Brother


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