Warm Whether Penguins, or Pissing Glitter

I guess the PuPu Platter Trio (Kal-El, Agrufulis, y DJ Lou Dooben) is opening for some configuration of String Cheese Incident. I think that's great. As I've always said, "How do you get all Hippies to dig your band? Get one to." I'm not bitin' on my brothers. I'm just saying the little fuckers can network.
PPPT needs a name, and Agrufulis knows that all I do all night alone in my room in the dark is make up bands names and practice my Swedish. "We are Futurotic. We are here for giving Eargasms!" I said that with a swedish accent in my head.
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I really feel like the boys in Two Oaks & a stump are on the verge of something bigger. Not to set my own boat afloat, but boat's a-floatin', I feel that working at a record store for all those years endowed me with a rudimentary concept of what people deem... worthwhile. Listening to the constant stream of newness coming out of the SQUIRM barn, My VIllage is #1, the creeping DeathbeatS that #5 drops with attention to detail fucking paid, Amor Loco? Two Words:Mad Science... It excites & feeds me when I think about how far everyone is going to go. It validates my anonymous swagger when I laugh to myself at any doubt in their heads regarding the inevitable route to an interplanetary shoutout. Such as it was written, and it shall be read... When did I start Rap-TyPing? Hi! I'm RTP. I'm a Rap-TyPist. Hi Ryan! Doughnuts are over there."
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Maybe the boys could call themselves
BUBBLESEX!!! I laughed harder at that video than that one time whatshisface lit his eyebrows on fire & subsequently proceeded to punch hisself in the face...

Enough with the

Deluise... I'm going to try to use that as an adjective before the end of the day... Dom Deluise meaning very much so... Is it me, or does anyone else have an easy time picturing
Steve Perry as a naughtynaughty little elf... or Robocop.

How 'bout a wee jaunt on
the downward spiral of methamphetamine addiction? Wheee....

I'm going out for some Mishawaka flavor...

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