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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is playing Chicago in October: 10/4 Chicago IL/Double Door w/ Billy Nayer Show. They are just some of the greatest performers around + Carla Kihlstedt is... Let's just say I'm incredibly partial to her artistic stylings. SGM is a heady swirl of Baroque Burlesque Mixed with the deli creeps + a heaping helping of DADA frosting. Not to be missed!The image “http://www.sleepytimegorillamuseum.com/photos/ck0412/sgm2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Looking into that picture of them leads my mind adrift in those spare wee hours. I'll just go with it. Nobuyoshi Araki once said, "Without obscenity, our cities are dreary places and life is bleak."The image “http://www.assemblylanguage.com/images/Araki1.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I was always being accused of sexism during my time in ART school. We had to do a presentation on a photographer whom we considered to be inspiring and/or personally influential. I printed up a huge banner with dozens of his images. His work always rocks seamlessly from dreary & bleak urban emptiness to immediate wet humanness. It's like he slaps you in the face with this sopping carnality, then whispers from afar which reminds you of deja vu you had as a child. The forward thinking hyper-sensitive prudes weren't feeling the strength of real honesty resonant in his work. I admire subtlety and grace, but, whether you like it or not, Araki's images put some colr in your cheeks.The image “http://www.afterimagegallery.com/friedlanderkirk.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Then again, Japanese Photographers have always had something special going for them.The image “http://www.schopfgalleryonlake.com/images/Nakagawa.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

,Which reminds me of one of my favorite comics from back in the day, Atari Force. Now, Atari actually distributed Atari Force comics with their 2600 series. These issues were generic and tame family unit in space v. monster type. The series that dropped on the shelves was dark and gritty and smart to my 8 yr. old mind. I just came across a few issues as I was cleaning up around the house. They are... I'm such a Code:Black-socks-and-shorts Dork, cool, + the character of Dart was one of the very first female images that I remember getting me all hot under the collar... She's the one with the white hair.The image “http://www.tonyznet.com/nostalgia/nzine3/2-3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Things to look at as you drift off to sleep...here, hErE, HeRe, here, Old Catalogs

LP Covers

Still can't sleep...
Y-Leg Organism!!!


Werbany Tire Town Gal

I'm going to lie down and dream about all of these cool keyboards. Good Night Americas!

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