To escape from the fast-paced, action-packed Hollywood spectacular that is Mishawaka, I look for things like MP3s from the Joe Vs. the Volcano soundtrack in the privacy of my Sanctum Sanctorum.

My friend, Ms. Yo, has a new rocking pop combo called My Village is Number One, or something close to that. She always sends me cool collages, so bakatcha!

Now I'm thinking about my friends down south, because I plan on going back this weekend. I can't wait to sit around and spin rekkids with Amor Loco, the Master of the All-seeing Eye of Agamotto.

And then, we have the #5. I can't wait to see that kid. I'll get some beats to post up in this piece soon. 5, this is for you.


I love how the caption defines the LPs as being hard to find, and simultaneously displays Gerry Rafferty. sigh...

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Yo řekl(a)...

CDs won't last forever, but vinyl is enjoying quite the renaissance. So why are these 7 copies of "Heart Like A Wheel" gathering dust in this rickety, wooden, semen-encrusted bin? Is $9.99 not a reasonable price? She's wearing roller skates, for God's sake! You know, it's not easy to run a failing business and still maintain a healthy appetite for underage-japanese-girl-on-girl-porn. I thought 2005 was the year of the greedy Republican pervert! Where's my piece of the pie? I'm old, small, and bald, and my masturbatory habits are giving me tennis elbow.....