Full of Points

I just got the New Bill Hicks DVD. Not to get all dithrambic up in here, but that's two days running that I've gotten a kick out of a flick. SFU yesterday, and Bill Hicks today... Maybe I've just been watching badbad movies on cable until the wee hours for too extended a stretch. At least I watch them on Telemundo. Typing of which, Mexican talk shows are alluring. Laura, for example, keeping in mind that I speak no Espanol,, appears to be an upscale Sally Jesse whose guests seem law-abiding & upstanding as they cross the set to their seats. Before a word is spoken, a security guard for each guest position themselves behind their individual wards. At the angle from which each guest is shown explaining their backstory, they are towered over by this headless generic semi-cop uniformed form. While that may not seem entertaining, the joy is in the suspense, as, 10 times out of 10, each guest gets agitated and decides to get up. Why has that hulking guard been hovering above you this whole time like a flying saucer over a village of befuddled rednekks? To make sure that you sit right the fuck back down, that's why!
Listen to
Bill Hicks... I guess that's why I've been blasting MC5... In a Manifesto Mood... I think it's because I've got a P4 in my bathroom. Nah, the MC5 is probably because I just got The Stooges reissues...

It's dangerous to start posting album covers, mostly 'cuz thats what I look at on the internet all the live long day...

I usually don't post much celebrity stuffis, because it's done infinitely better
elsewhere, but... Tara Reid.

DUDE! Totally come on down, Brah!

I've been noodling with the first bars of Follow the Leader by
Eric B. & Rakim in combination with the piano intro of 9 to 5 by Dolly P. Now I just needs to throw some jews on top..

As far as long tally Dolly goes, I quote
Mike Patton from an old bootleg duet with John Zorn, "It's low feedback, Dave, and I'm doing it on purpose."

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