Start Wearing Purple

I debated referring to Rural Americans as befuddled rednekks, what with me being a Hoosier, though born a Michigander. Then, from the depths of the Bible belt, the link between religion & pasta revealed.

Sometimes, I miss my friend, Spliff...

I didn't know that bats make up 20% of all mammal species...Image of: Rhinopoma hardwickei (lesser mouse-tailed bat)

Christopher Hitchens was on the Daily Show, and it was badass... better news than thee news.
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I've been dusting off my reggae and afropower LPs, Mostly because I've been listening to Kal-El & Lou Dooben's supersoulspin'n. Check out the track byByron Lee & the Dragonaires. Makes you wonder why people listen to mediocre contemporary reggae that's so abundant now that Phish went south... Must be all the reefer.
The Ultimate 30s and 40s Reefer Songs

Shelby Knox was a 15 year old Good Southern Baptist Girl. She had pledged abstinence until marriage with the True Love Waits program, lived a respectable Christian life and excelled at school... now?

Ain't no rings on those fingers. More Muzak. Compare the Catfishs Blues... A Man may wish to be a fish, but when that Catfish eats a basketball, he's gonna get them blues all through him again...The image “http://www.techimo.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=13695” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Some people think McDonald's when they see red & yellow. I think Ketchup... Catsup? Catchuhh......

Would you like Catsup on your Catfish?

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