I'm back to town. I stopped by Two Oaks & a Stump on the way home. Some Elements of SQUIRM were busy laying down some sort of a rough demo to play for someone with something to do with somebody... Then 3 Black Calves showed up from out of nowhere. They were just strolling unfenced, and not really digging it. A few Half-Amish farmhands led them up against the sheep enclosure, in order to head them into the Cow enclosure with the other bovines. The calves freaked. One of them split for Mexico, apparently to star a UFO religion. The other two absolutely freaked, tore right through the fence, and burst into el Casa del Sheepo. The sheep were really into that turn of events. The Sheep enclosure is basically a fence surrounding a very tiny pond. So, by now, all the farmers in the area are showing up to see if the cows are theirs, or if they can help. The Sheep are freaking out. The Cows are freaking out. People are chasing livestock in circles around the lake. This one spaz sheep won't lay off the "MaaaaaBaaaaaaa". It sounds like Jerry Seinfeld in a Turkish Prison. Then it started raining. Sufficed to say, I split before the conclusion of this episode of Backcountry C.O.P.s... more like C.O.W.s... Who let the cows out? moo moo moo moomoo...

I always thought it would be funny if they made pacifiers for babies, but with the handles shaped like those grotesque wax lips...

My freind YO might move to San Francisco... They do cool things like dropping a bazillion Superballs at once...

I know I trashed Ashton Kutcher last week, but that Federline skit he did on SNL was pretty funny... Federline, Yo!

While conceptual continuity gets slippery, particulary over extended periods of time, I find it comforting that so many hot buttons issues, which are constantly being foisted aloft as new examples of the decline of western civilization, are, in fact, old hat...
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That guy looks like Fedrline... yo. I only got to see the number 5 for a second this weekend. Better luck next time, but I thought of him and his affecion fo the 8 bitness when I heard these.The image “http://www.mameworld.net/massive/FX/Galaga%20lives.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

As someone who's spent a little time under the careful inspection of qualified health care professionals, let me tell you, MRI Machine say the funniest things!

Paul Anka vs. Casey Kasem

I just sumbled across a great Flickr search engine.

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I approached my latest trip with the usual lack of planning...

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What time is it?
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I'm a heartless bastard, but this is funny.

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