I can't believe she called after all these years. She just wanted to remind me of what a dick I was, how passonate & great everything was, how her life has been in ruins since our time together, how so sorry she is, how sorry I should be, left, right, black, white... then, the waterworks. After a little patient listening, I get to the root of the problem. She just broke up with the guy in line after me. I thought only boys did that whole callback thing. Remember when you were the real deal? Howzabout a spin as the watered down rebound version? God! Yeah, I suck. I know this. I accept all culpability for the demise of all my relationships ever. I thought I warned everyone in advance! Well, it just helps me feel better about all of my alone-time.
Honesty Stamps - Mosley meets Wilcox
Ad infinitum... It makes me feel as though I'm listening to two seperate & unaltered Nickelback tracks simultaneously, each on their own respective stereo channel for maximum suck... Oh I am! Man, I could go for a nutrigrain bar. Seriously, I don't want anymore bullshit today, especially from me! It's almost like going to work, and, remember, I work in the fucking RV/MH industry.
damn...this girl is fine!!.... ms bettie page..bondage queen

One little Manifesto, then ever onward!

Well, if you want to waste away forcing Godzillesque cartoon bots create dubmusic by punching lucky charms, then SUIT YOURSELF.

big mama : operation dancefloor

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