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Joe Kafka has a website. His old-school cassette albums remind me of a cross between Solipsistics and Danny Cohen.


Speaking of Danny Cohen, I busted up listening to this split album that he did with the Horse Cock Kids the other day. The HCKs do a great song called After The Blowjob. The only words in it are "Life is easy... After the Blowjob..."

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I stumbled across Solipsistics because I heard about his album, Jesus of the Apes. Not to be overtly POP, but... Best... Album Title... Ever!

Well, While I'm on a skronky-pop kick, I've got to drop VIncent & Mr. Green. They're like next-generation Eurythmics.

I guess this musical direction is a result of the recent reissue of Entertainment by Gang of Four.

What else? Gogol Bordello! I heard the name somewhere I couldn't remember, and later that day I was flipping randomly through the racks at the depressing hole of a record store down the street from my house, and opened right to their album with Tamir Muskat from Vibromonk. I've been rocking the horseshit out of Gypsy Punks. P1010101

Plus, I can only think of one person this side of Billy Childish who can rock a WWI Moustache with such vigorous guile: The Corndawg. Never miss the chance to see him perform.

In keeping with this entry's slow and perpetual glide from earnest towards honest, I can only recommend the Peetie Wheatstraw & Bumble Bee Slim Track over at Honey, Where You Been So Long? This site always impresses me with consistently high-quality goods. Check it daily.

Oh Yeah. For the my little nerdies, Crumb Blues Portraits. This series is what got me into collecting old Yazoo & Arhoolie LPs. I can't thank him enough for that. Scrapper is one of Naptown's own.

I think Arhoolie is releasing another collection of Mance Lipscomb stuffis. Whether you like Texas Country Blues or not, You really should try to watch the documentary on him, A Well Spent Life.
Any of Les Blank's films are worth watching. Mance shows up in Blues accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins, too. According to lore, Lightin' got sick of Les following him around with a camera. Les was crushed, but agreed to leave the next day. The pair stayed up late that night drinking and playing poker. Lightnin' took Les Blank to the cleaners. Les may have lost his shirt, but Lightnin' agreed to let him stay for another few weeks.

Les Blank also used to distribute Dancing Outlaw. If you don't know the saga of Jesco White, then do yourself a favor.

Now I'm thinking about simultaneously expoitative and adoring documentaries, and one name springs to the forefront... Krulik. Coolest thing about Jeff is that you can watch his flicks online for free!

On an intensely personal & intimately nuanced plane of guys with cameras, I adore Ross McElwee. I have yet to see his newest, but I love his first, Sherman's March: A Mediation to the Possibility of Romantic Love in the South During an Era of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. I like it so much, that I want to make out with it.

I could list off docos all day. Here's some list with which I agree. Whew! I'm halfway spent... Feel like being snooty?Here. On the other hand, Barthes had this to say about that pervasive joy cynicism hold for those bravesouls living in their own self-professed eschatology on a world thay didn't create that I find kind of heartening;
"What I mean is that I cannot countenance the traditional belief that postulates a natural dichotomy between the objectivity of the scientist and the subjectivity of the writer, as if the former were endowed with a 'freedom' and the latter a 'vocation' equally suitable for spiriting away or sublimating the actual limitations of their situation. What I claim is to live to the full the contradiction of my time, which may well make sarcasm the condition of truth." That's from his Mythologies. That & Lewis' The Problem of Pain make for some great Beach-time reading! Read 'em now before Oprah hops on the Bandwagon."Tribulations cannot cease until God either sees us remade or sees that our remaking is now hopeless." C.S.Lewis. I'm such a lapsed Catholic, that I sort of swoon at the heartfelt grappling with belief that's inherent in all of his work. Sure, Narnia, is cool, but he also wrote some great science fiction, too. It's like a sophisticated Edgar Rice Borroughs, rich in subtext & fun to read.The image “http://personal.bgsu.edu/~edwards/csltime.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Before I go getting all erudite up in this piece with philosophizin' & shit, another moustache picture, for no good reason...
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HOLY LIVING FUCK! Special Agent Dale Cooper to ride again? pleasepleaseplease! Fat Baby Jesus in Heaven, if you're listening...

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Sorry for the long entry... I'm just waiting for the final episode of Sixfeetunder to download, so I can find out how it all ends before someone ruins it for me... That, and I keep finding pictures like this...The image “http://goldenfiddle.com/wp-uploads/pickupanything.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


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